Spring High School League

Spring Hockey Information

The Navigator Spring hockey program will be series of practices and games. The program is designed so players can participate even if they are in other activities. This is an opportunity to continue to build on the high school season, for a reasonable fee. This program is intended to build skills and be fun for the participants. Emphasis will be given to skills work in practice and hustle on game days. Don't be surprised if players are asked to play in positions they have not in the past, with the exception of Goalies. Participants will be given equal game and practice opportunities regardless of skill level.

Schedule: The season is scheduled for April 1 - June 10, 2024. Practices are on Wednesdays at 8:55pm. Games will be doubleheaders on Sundays, which could be a mix of morning and afternoon times. There will be no activities Memorial Day weekend. A playoff bracket is planned for the two weeks after Memorial Day weekend.

Cost/Payment: $300 - The fees cover roughly 22 hours of ice time and the fees for referees. In total your skater should get around 35 hours of ice time. There will be no tournament fees. Full payment will be due by Saturday, April 19th.

Participants: High school players from the Navigators, Verona, Waunakee, Oregon, Middleton, Dubuque, and Rockford. There will be two levels, an A level and B level, the Navigators will participate at the B level as we have a mix of JV and Varsity players.

Travel/Locations: Practices will be held at the Ice Pond in Waunakee. Games will be hosted by the participating programs which are mostly local to Dane county. Expect to travel to Dubuque and Rockford each one time. There will be no overnight travel required.

Coaches: There will be parent coaches volunteering their time to work with the players. We will always have an adult present at practices and on the bench at games.

Name: We will use the Devils name for now, we have some off season jerseys that have been used by the Norski program for the Summer season. This could change in the future, but for the first season we will go with what we have.

Exceptions: If your skater would like to practice but can't make games or can't make practice but would like to play in the games please contact Cory Chrisinger or the Norski BLC. Practice only cost - $150. Game only cost - $150.

Games: Games will be on Sundays, the periods will be 15 minutes. There will be two referees at each games. We will need some parent volunteers to keep help with clock, music, and penalties. We will not keep a score card, but will keep track of wins and losses. There will be a break between games, probably around 30 minutes. We will host 4 game days at the Ice Pond.

Nav's Spring Hockey

Nav's spring hockey program registration is open. Players must be eligible to participate in next season's high school program. Practices will be once a week at the Ice Pond in Waunakee on Wednesdays at 8:55pm.  Games will take place on Sundays. Games will be double headers. The season will run from April 1 - June 10, 2024. We will participate as the Devils and use the current off season jerseys. The cost to participate is $300. 

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